Support for Israel by Pastor Sharon

Support for Israel by Pastor Sharon

As the Oklahoma State Director for CUFI, I had the opportunity to fly to Israel back in August of 2014 with a group of pastors from all 50 states. We were able to view the situation and hear firsthand reports of Jewish leaders and the military along with an Arab journalist who lives in Israel. What our media had been reporting was not as it was. They were getting all their information from Hamas propaganda. It just so happened that when we were there Hannity from Fox News was there reporting live as well. I sent a report this past September to VFM of our findings.


All radical Muslim groups – Hamas, Hezbollah, Boka Haran, Al Qaeda, ISIS and others are supported by Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood gives financially to infiltrate US university campuses and university professors with Islam’s anti-Semitic and anti-Christian mindset. Islam is a political and religious ideology and has one main objective – to take over the world and dominate it with Sharia law. There are some moderate Muslims but the radicals feel if the moderates do not step up and support their agenda they might as well be dead. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and 18% want to kill. They will use even their own people as human shields to fight against others. Colonel Chodoff of the Israel Defense Force stated, “The motto of Muslim Brotherhood is Allah is our God. Death for Allah is the highest aspiration.” They value death more than they value life.


It’s so vital to show our support to Israel at this time. They are the United States only democratic ally, even though our President has shunned Prime Minister Netanyahu. They are fighting our enemies who want to destroy the US as well as Israel. The Prime Minister knows that their only ally is evangelical Christians and particularly CUFI. If you would like more info and up-to-date news on Israel go to  I am also willing to come to your church and speak on this subject or on other aspects of what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing among churches at this time.


For speaking engagements you may contact my office assistant, Bonnie Beedle at 918-491-7771 or We want to help you fulfill God’s purposes.

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