Rise Up In God’s Boldness (Part 3) by Pastor Sharon Daugherty

Rise Up In God’s Boldness (Part 3) by Pastor Sharon Daugherty

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What a time we are in!

It’s a time to press into God’s Word, to pray and to connect with others with the same vision of salvation for people. It’s also a time of discipleship and training as well which is why we promote small groups and we promote Victory Bible College, Christian Schools (VCS), and IVBIs. We now have 1691 IVBIS in 98 countries. We are believing to reach other countries as well and to multiply.

We also have started helping guide Christian schools for children in other countries. Several have connected with us through Victory International Schools under the leadership of Karen Sanders here at Victory Christian School. We can’t overlook that Islam pushes free schooling in countries in order to teach Islam to children and an anti-Christ and anti-Jewish mindset. While here in America and in Europe secularism is being promoted in our public schools, which breed an anti-Christian mindset. If you would like to connect with planting schools you can contact the Victory Missions Department.

Some have wondered how our U.S. government has pushed through such ungodly legislation in these past few years. It’s because many in the church haven’t cared enough to vote and many leaders haven’t enlightened congregations to God’s truth in matters. We want to help you as a pastor to engage your congregation in what’s happening. If you are interested in connecting with the Family Research Council, contact Bonnie at our office 918-491-7771. Together we can be God’s light in the midst of a dark world, to be bold and live for Him.

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