Rise Up In God’s Boldness (Part 2) by Pastor Sharon Daugherty

Rise Up In God’s Boldness (Part 2) by Pastor Sharon Daugherty

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Right now there are Christian leaders rallying churches to stand together and be engaged in what is happening in our world we live in.

In 2006 my late husband and I became involved with Christians United for Israel. After Billy Joe’s passing in 2009, I was asked to step into his role as the CUFI Oklahoma State director. I encourage you if you want to bless Israel and receive blessing in return get connected with CUFI at cufi.org. During the war in August 2014, I went with pastors and state directors from the 50 states of the U.S. to find out firsthand the truth about the situation and return to report it. (I returned again with a group this past June.)

The Palestinian/Israeli situation is not how most of the media describes it. Hamas governs the Palestinian people. They are the oppressors and they’ve propagated lies to the media. They’ve killed many who wanted to live under Israeli rule. I’ve listened to both Jews and Arabs who’ve grown up there. This conflict is not about negotiating. Radical Islam wants to wipe Israel off the map. They also hate the U.S. These groups – Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Queda, Muslim Brotherhood, and others feel that in order to usher in their Madi (their Messiah), they must rid the world of Jews and democratic governments and institute Islam as the controlling government in the world.

This July was a God ordained time for CUFI to have our annual meeting in Washington DC. Speakers shared the first day and the second day we converged on our Congressmen and Senators of all 50 states. It was the very day our President signed the Iran Deal. We didn’t know this would be happening but we were able to share the details of the deal with our elected officials and urge them to vote against it for the security of our nation. (I urge you to make this a matter of intense prayer and contact your Congressmen and Senators to vote against it.)

The very day our President said this would stop Iran from developing the nuclear weapon and from causing war in the Middle East, the Iranian President stood before a mass of people announcing that sanctions had been removed and they were keeping their nuclear program. Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia immediately announced they were also developing nuclear weapons. Four days before, a mass of people crowded the streets in Iran, as the Iranian President watched, shouting Death to Israel and Death to America as they burned our flags.

Note: there are many Iranians who are receiving Jesus through internet and TV programs, and they are grateful for the U.S. and praying for our country. I met one young Iranian couple who pastor in Iran, last fall when I spoke in the largest church of Armenia. The Armenian Church holds pastor gatherings for Iranians to visit across the border and has ordained several of these men and women in ministry.

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