Onward by Pastor Paul Daugherty

Onward by Pastor Paul Daugherty

One year ago on August 24th, 2014, I stepped into the position that God had been preparing me for since I was born. God’s continual work will never stop preparing us for new seasons, new tasks, and new assignments the rest of our life. However, I felt a change happen inside of me when I received the baton as the new pastor for Victory. I felt the voice of the Holy Spirit and the anointing of God greatly increase inside of me. As I reflect on the last 12 months of leading our church as the pastor, I am overwhelmed by the mercy, favor, and grace of God. He has been so faithful to us this year. We have seen so many lives changed, healed, set free, marriages restored, families mended, and people impacted by the Gospel through the ministry of Victory. I knew that stepping into this role would be a BIG responsibility.

As a kid growing up under my parents who pioneered Victory, I didn’t fully understand the weight of ministry that I now feel after being in this position. And yet, even though it is a weight to carry, God’s grace has been so strong to help us carry the load. Some have asked me what I see in the days ahead for Victory. It got me praying and in that prayer time God began stirring up a strong sense of FAITH inside my heart. I believe that the church worldwide is moving into an unprecedented time for REVIVAL. We are headed into one of the greatest times for the church to RISE UP and TAKE TERRITORY for the KINGDOM of GOD.

I remember about a year after my father passed, someone shared with me that they felt like our best days as a nation were over, the good times for the Church were all behind us, and that our world was doomed. When I heard this report, I felt a strong rebuke within my spirit. It was as if I heard GOD shouting inside my heart “NO Paul, don’t accept that word! Don’t buy into that lie! Declare hope! Our best days for the Church are in front of us!”

God began downloading a LIFE MESSAGE of HOPE inside of me!

Paul, I am not a digressive God! I am not a God who throws in the towel when the world gets darker. I am not a God who leaves the throne room when terrorism is on the rise. I lead the church from GLORY TO GLORY and from STRENGTH TO STRENGTH. No matter what, don’t lose HOPE! Don’t give in to FEAR, but rather RISE UP and DECLARE FAITH over your future and the future of the Church! Get ready, get ready, get ready! The Holy Spirit will pour out REVIVAL like never before.

Expectancy has continued to grow inside me that we must be READY as a CHURCH across America and the world for the HARVEST of many salvations God has in store.

I understand that we are living in the last days and the world is filled with more sin, more chaos, and more darkness than ever before. But, I have a deep-rooted belief that the Gospel is GOOD NEWS, and as long as the Church is alive in the earth, we carry the ANSWER for what the world needs! We carry HOPE, we carry LIFE because we carry JESUS! No matter what, we walk by FAITH. Regardless of what the news says, we have a different vantage point. We know the end of the book. We see through a different lens. The Supreme Court may rule one thing, but we serve the SUPREME GOD who stands the TEST of TIME. And His WORD and PROMISES are still true for us today! His LOVE is UNCHANGING and His power works today in people’s lives just like it did 2,000 years ago!

Paul the apostle, who wrote 13 books of the New Testament, said in Philippians 3:12,

I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don’t get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where GOD IS BECKONING US ONWARD—to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.

Did you hear what Paul said? God is beckoning us ONWARD. There is no time to waste in fear, worry, despair, strife, division, anger, sin, etc. It is time to live wide AWAKE to God’s purpose and His passion for the world! We cannot move backwards and we cannot sit idle with what God has put inside of us! We must move ONWARD … Onward with HOPE, onward with FAITH, onward with LOVE, onward with the GOSPEL to the ends of the earth! People need the message. The World is waiting for the sons and daughters to be revealed.

While the world may be getting darker, the church is destined to shine brighter with the message of JESUS! Don’t back down. Don’t throw in the towel. No matter what, KEEP MOVING ONWARD! When Moses faced the Red Sea in front of him and the Egyptian army behind him, he didn’t quit and he didn’t let fear paralyze him. By the power of God, he and the Israelites moved ONWARD. When Joshua was marching around Jericho multiple times day after day, he didn’t stop until the walls came down. He kept moving onward. When the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room after Jesus ascended to heaven, they didn’t stay hidden behind the walls of their prayer meeting. They moved ONWARD with the GOSPEL, onward in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, and the world was turned upside down because of their boldness.

Friend, if there is breath in your lungs, God is not finished with you yet. Your BEST DAYS are not behind you! Your BEST DAYS are right in front of you. But you must move ONWARD! Don’t let fear and sorrow steal your hope. Don’t let sin hold you back. It’s your season. You were born for such a time as this. It’s TIME to MOVE ONWARD!

  1. tomandolomio@gmail.com'

    Great word! Thank you for sharing pastor Paul! God’s anointing is upon you! Glory to Him!

  2. Great word, God is always victorious. He will never fail us. Pastor Paul, your calling is sure and steadfast. You are correct, you were born for such a time as this. You have our support!!

  3. panky54@gmail.com'

    I was there a year ago. What a blessing you & Ashley have been to me…. you, my church family, & God’s word has changed my life! I’m 61 & starting my second year at VBC!! That’s a miracle right there! :-)


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