Leaders of Long Term Impact by Dr. Andrew Bucksot

Leaders of Long Term Impact by Dr. Andrew Bucksot

The greater the vision a leader possesses, the greater the relationships the leader needs in order to possess the vision. One of the first things I learned from Dr. John Maxwell when Tiffany and I were very young and particularly new to international ministry was something that has stayed with me for years.

“One is too small of a number to do great things.” That was the phrase John Maxwell spoke to Tiffany and I at a restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That encounter and those words have been a catalyst in our lives ever since. From that time forward, our greatest passion has been building and bettering the vast array of relationships we have in our lives.

No matter where you live, work, play, shop, exercise, or do any type of daily activity, you will more than likely find one common factor. People are God’s great equalizer on earth. Whatever God will do in humanity, He will do through humanity. God has determined that His blessing would be increased and released through people..

The Holman Christian Standard Bible states, “The heavens are the Lord’s, but the earth He has given to the human race.” As Victory Fellowship of Ministries has changed its name to Victory Leadership Network, it is more than a new name it is a new destiny and a new dynamic. It is about the power of training up the leadership in people. Greater leaders make greater people.

People are the plan of God to expand His kingdom throughout the face of the globe. A better quality leader will reproduce God’s kingdom characteristics and qualities in the lives of those he or she has influence. The greater the influence a leader has with people, the greater the possibilities of growth, maturity and released potential.

Long term impact in leadership is about relationships. The greatest leaders continually strengthen and deepen their relationships with other leaders. They sharpen one another and sharpen others for greater and more profound impact. Leadership is a never ending level lifter. Leaders make a difference and leaders make the difference.

From that first encounter with John Maxwell so many years ago, my wife, family and the leadership teams in so many nations have practiced the principle of leaders of long term impact; Invest into the lives of others. It is about building a stronger humanity through stronger and deeper godly relationships that will transform cities and reform nations.

To be a leader of long term impact, it is necessary to operate daily in the fruit of the Spirit. It requires living a kingdom lifestyle (Matthew 5:3-10). It is important to learn to love your neighbor as yourself and be completely sold out to loving God above all things. Leaders of long term impact must be willing to pick up their cross daily, negate themselves and follow Jesus.

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