Keep Your Walls Up by Dr. Andrew Bucksot

Keep Your Walls Up by Dr. Andrew Bucksot

Leadership is vitally important to the health, wealth and wellbeing of any and every nation.  Possibly one of the most important aspects of leadership is personal leadership. Your talent can convince others to follow you, but your character will convince them to stay with you.

Great leaders are leaders that are great in the area of personal leadership. They are strong decision makers who make quality decisions. They decide what will help others, and they decide to maintain honesty, integrity and truth as cornerstones of their daily operation.

Personal leadership is for your protection as a leader. The physical world that surrounds us operates at a low standard of personal leadership. Many leaders hide behind a façade trying to give a good appearance. However they are false in their motives.

The key to lasting long in leadership is growing deep in honesty, integrity and truth.  The leader who builds up strong walls of personal protection is the leader that others will look to in times of trial, temptation and testing.

Like a city (a person) that is broken into (lacks integrity) and without walls (personal leadership) Is a man who has no control over his spirit (self-control).  Proverbs 25:28

What walls do you need to build up?

  1. The Word of God – This is your only standard of personal truth to live by. With truth, you will govern your aspirations and appetites.
  2. Intimacy – This is your personal protection for clarity, certainty and conviction
  3. Love walk – The outward manifestation of God´s character being formed in you
  4. Faith – The actions of your belief are your steps of faith. Faith is an action, not a topic.
  5. Servanthood – The heart of every leader is his or her willingness to stay humble and serve
  6. Family/Marriage – This is the foundation of the true measure of your leadership
  7. Financial – This is what God’s uses to reveal your heart. God does not need money.

These are primary and principle walls that need to be constantly built up.  When these walls are allowed to become dilapidated, individuals, ethos and nations become vulnerable to social whims and cultural currents. As international leaders, it is vitally necessary to keep your walls built up.

When personal leadership is strong, walls are strong.  When your walls are strong, you will stand strong at all times. You will effectively produce over time and your city (your spirit, soul and body) will bring forth fruit even in the dry times. All leadership resides in your personal character.

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