International Victory Bible Institute (IVBI) has helped hundreds of missionaries and national ministers start and grow Bible training schools by providing materials (how to manual, written and video curriculum, forms, etc.), short term missionary teachers, and counsel. We do not directly provide financial support for our schools, but instead recommend each school affiliated with us become financially dependent on student tuition and other sponsors.

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“We have had very positive reactions from our students most of whom claim it has led not only to better understanding of the Word of God, but to real spiritual growth, character development and reignited fire to serve the Lord. Victory Bible School is among the most efficient instruments God has given us to help those saved in the last five years grow in the Word of God.” IVBI Director in Sofia, Bulgaria

“The Bible school and teachings have affected my entire Christian life. I am completely changed and renewed in all of my thinking. In class I was given nuggets of truth by men and women of God who travelled a long way to be here. Now I thoroughly understand that I’m a precious child of God What amazed me is that with many courses, one teacher would come and teach some of it and then another teacher would come to complete the course. Yet, there was no disruption to the teaching but one teacher flowed with the other. What agreement!” Student in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“In our Marriage and Family class we asked the students to tell us what changes they have made in their families since taking the course. One student told us, ‘All the time I’ve been pointing at my wife for the problems rising in our marriage. Actually, it was me who was the culprit. Now I’ve learned not to be easily provoked and to be concerned more with her interests rather than my own. Now I’m committing more to change and making my marriage the most enjoyable relationship in the whole world.’” IVBI teacher in Fiji Islands