Exciting News from Pastor Paul Daugherty

Exciting News from Pastor Paul Daugherty

We are changing our name!!

We are excited to announce that Victory Fellowship of Ministries (VFM) is now becoming Victory Leadership Network (VLN).

Why are we changing our name?

We want to move beyond fellowship into a powerful, supportive network. Fellowship implies a friendly association. Networking suggests an exchange of ideas, information and services among a committed constituency. It is a supportive system of ministry and business leaders with a shared commitment to create greater results for the Kingdom. In the current times, it is our desire to help us all work together to move to a higher level for the sake of the Gospel.

Are my credentials still valid?

VFM members will automatically become members of VLN. All the services you received in VFM will also be afforded to you in VLN. Your VFM credentials are still valid and you will receive new cards when you renew your membership in January.

What does VLN do for me?

Through VLN you can reap the benefits of new relationships, quality resources and the positive results of partnership. Some of the benefits of our ministry network include:

  1. Credibility – Providing credentials to recognize you as an affiliated member, licensed, or ordained minister.
    • Victory credentials are recognized and valued worldwide.
  2. Connection – Developing great benefits through quality resources and savings on services and products.
    • VLN provides resources to empower leaders to reach their highest levels of integrity and productivity through our annual conference, member savings, online directories, job board and online education and events.
  3. Community – Linking like-minded leaders to encourage one another toward greater Kingdom impact
    • VLN is for pastors, teachers, missionaries, worship leaders, outreach ministers, traveling ministers, para-church ministries, nonprofit organizations and business leaders.
  4. Content – Equipping leaders through training, articles, blogs and conferences for maximum success
    • Our website provides thought-provoking content to help you in your calling for the Kingdom. It’s geared to open up conversations on current issues and ministry challenges to help you reach conclusions.


Welcome to the network, Victory Leadership Network. We’re better together!


Pastor Paul Daugherty


  1. Thank you for having a heart for a greater vision and taking a great organization like VFM and asking the Holy Spirit how can we improve, get better, raise the bar, sky rocket to the next level. And doing all this by standing on the shoulders of spiritual giants that brought us to where we are today. We are all in for Victory Leadership Network!

  2. mountainrailroad@aol.com'
    Dwight Lowther Aug 25, 2015, 6:10 pm

    Looks good to me. Having spent most of my ministry life training up young ministers and workers, I can truly say that this approach is sorely needed. Brother Greg Ford once said “It’s simple…be a disciple, make disciples.” And, to my mind this will aid greatly in doing just that.


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