Don’t Lose Your Praise by Pastor Paul Daugherty

Don’t Lose Your Praise by Pastor Paul Daugherty

It’s so important to keep an attitude of worship in your life to the Lord. The world is screaming for our attention, our affection, and ultimately to shift our worship from God to the things around us. There are plenty of things going on in the world to be upset or concerned about and the temptation to lose your praise to God over.

It’s obvious that we are living in the LAST DAYS with so much terrorism, sin, and darkness becoming more rampant. Time is running out. Jesus is coming back soon. But, no matter what is happening- DON’T LOSE YOUR PRAISE. No matter what the news says – DON’T LOSE YOUR PRAISE. No matter what the White House or Supreme Court says – DON’T LOSE YOUR PRAISE. No matter what the economy looks like – DON’T LOSE YOUR PRAISE. No matter what ISIS does – DON’T LOSE YOUR PRAISE. God is still GOD and we know the end of the Book says – WE are VICTORIOUS through JESUS CHRIST!

There’s a story in the Bible about two Christian preachers named Paul and Silas who walk through a disheartening time in their lives and yet manage to overcome. Just short of 2,000 years ago, after Jesus had died and risen from the grave, the Gospel message began to spread and the Church was growing. During that time, Paul and Silas had been preaching about Jesus and the world leaders of that day did not like the message they were preaching. In fact, the leaders hated the message so much that they put Paul and Silas in prison, beat them, and fastened chains around their hands and feet.

At this point, most people would feel discouraged, lose hope, and just wish to die to go to Heaven. But Paul and Silas chose to give praise to God instead of giving in to the fear, the hopelessness, or the anger at the current situation they were in. It says that around the midnight hour, Paul and Silas began to loudly give praise to the Lord. As they began to praise, the chains began to break. AS they began to worship and focus their attention on the GOOD NEWS instead of the BAD situation – the prison doors flung open.

Your praise changes the atmosphere. Your worship lifts off the spirit of fear and defeat. Church, now is the time for us to lift up our PRAISE to the GOD of the UNIVERSE. He is still on the throne. He is still GOOD and He has GREAT THINGS planned for your life and HIS Church in these last days. Our best days are not behind us, and we are not defeated. Quite the contrary, we are stepping into the greatest time for REVIVAL in our NATION and the WORLD. It is time to break the devil’s eardrums with a LOUD SHOUT of PRAISE and a BATTLE CRY to the LORD! Just like Paul and Silas, our praise will precede the breakthrough!

I challenge you this week to give praise to God with your heart, soul, mind and strength.


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